Ensuring food safety and providing stable access to affordable nutrition. That was the mission when Intercoop Europe was founded in 1990 and it continues to be our mission today. 

Intercoop Europe is an independent professional organization based in Switzerland. It represents 16 of the largest agricultural cooperatives in Europe. All members are majority-owned by farmers. Their cooperative purpose is to supply farms with the necessary means of production and to support them in bringing their goods to market.

With their activities in the agricultural, retail and energy sectors, our members also act as a link between farmers and consumers, meeting basic needs of society and occupying a supply-relevant position.

Intercoop Europe is pursuing the following objectives in particular

Dedicated to make crop production both highly productive and environmentally sustainable. We want to preserve fertile soils, biodiversity, and clean drinking water.

Supporting productive livestock farming, which is adapted to customers’ needs, respecting animal welfare, and promoting closed cycles of nutrients and by-products of the food industry. 

Reducing CO2 emissions is one of the keys to a sustainable future. We want to contribute to this by reducing energy consumption, promoting renewable energies, and supplying the fuels of the future. Thanks to our decentralised distribution structures, we ensure that sustainable mobility is also available in rural areas.